A visit to:

Toledo, Spain, 2014

A visit to:
Castillo de Burgos
Burgos’ Castle

Burgos, Spain, 2014

A visit to:
Museo de la Evolución Humana (MEH)

Museum of Human Evolution

Burgos, Spain, 2014

I think I spend too much time on this game: a compilation of some DrawSomething doodles.

My DrawSomething username is amebus, in case someone wants to play.

Homework n.96
Today, you will make a web collection of your blue flowers, the ones you made yesterday.

I created a sideblog on tumblr just for this task!
I wanted my exhibition to show what’s the purpose of this blue wall of flowers: that everyone can create their own flower made of hearts and add it to the rest :)

Visit the blog here

Homework n.95
Today, from your one blue flower you will make a series of blue flowers.

Homework n.94
Organize yesterday’s references and ideas to fabricate your first blue flower.

ll the projects we’ve done in Design1o1 have been made with love (and some frustration) and so I wanted the petals of my flowers to be hearts. There will be hearts of different blues and sizes and they will form different flowers, all of them with love. 

Yes, this sounds cheesy. But #BlaueBlumen is the culmination of this course, so I wanted this project to be related and dedicated to Design101’s community.

Homework n.93
In preparation for #blaueblumen, you will collect flowers. They can be real flowers or flower references. The important thing is that you document your research!

I went for the simple thing of just google: Blue Flowers. I looked at how many blue flowers there were, and how different they looked from each other, and then the wonderful effect of having a “wall” of similar flowers together, because in that wall, all the flowers work together to create a bigger picture yet they are still being beautiful individual that even though they seem identical, they’re not.
That’s what inspired my idea, I want to create a wall of flowers. I’ll explain more later.

Sources of the pictures: 1 || 2 || 3 ||

Homework n.68
Today, you use thick cardboard to create a vase/bowl.

Inspired by Cartonlab's projects.

Homework n.67
Today, you will have create one vase with card (thin cardboard) or paper. Cut, paste, staple, glue, do whatever you need to render your paper material concave!

Homework n.74
Today, you will write/design your own story with hair. Metamorphosing hair from one form to another.

My current project with my hair is letting it grow long so cutting it was just out of the question.

I have worked with my hair attached to my head, with have proven tricky, but still. My father cannot stop remarking how my frizzy curls sometimes look like a nest ready to host some birds. I don’t have birds, and I don’t dare playing with eggs either, but Kinder eggs seem to be perfectly comfortable up there.

Homework n.73
Today, you will design your own story with metal wires. By definition, wires are flexible. Think about it.

I’ve made a crown using a single wire, the ups and downs of the crown represent the ups and downs of life itself, and since they are your ups and downs, you are the only one who can wear it and proudly name yourself the king/queen of your own life.